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by the author of the Diet cheapest online trading platform south africa Club mystery series
and the Ingrid/Hitchcock mystery series

Front Cover:  Fifty Cents for Your Soul by Denise Dietz

Frannie Rosen's psychic mentions a brilliant future, but she never tells the relatively straight-laced and naïve Frannie that she will be possessed by a promiscuous, stage-struck doppelganger.

All Frannie wants is an Oscar-winning role---a "to die for" role. What she gets is far, far more than that!

Frannie often compares herself with Lewis Carroll's Alice, but she soon learns that Hell's demons, rather than Wonderland's allegories, prowl behind the looking glass. Especially when she's cast in a horror film about demonic possession, directed by the legendary Victor Madison.


Back Cover: Fifty Cents for Your Soul by Denise Dietz While being piloted by best trading platforms in south africa Madison, Frannie is also orchestrated by a doppelganger/demon only she can comprehend. She has been "chosen" for her role, and there is more involved than just a doppelganger's dreams of stardom!

The dirctor is tyrannical, the teen star of the movie is troubled, her mother is dysfunctional, the scriptwriter is self-destructive, and nobody involved in the production is without a share of irrational temperament. Except Frannie, who is both savvy and naïve as she copes with her own suspicions and the problem of being possessed by an ever-randy demon.

Victor Madison, womanizer and director, is universally and deservedly hated, yet unexpectedly irresistible to Frannie herself. His murder surprises no one but Frannie; his murderer is a surprise to everyone but Frannie.

But then, only Frannie is faced with disembodied voices, psychic predictions gone truly insane, and an innocence threatened by a reality she simply knows best share trading platform in south africa cannot be real.


Ambitious Hollywood ingenue Frannie Rosen lands a part in a horror movie directed by the celebrated (and reviled) Victor Madison, but gets more than she bargained for in the demonic possession department when a violent and slutty real-life doppelganger takes over her body.The over-the-top, irreverent serving of horror and Hollywood noir in FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is something of a departure for Dietz (Footprints in the Butter, etc.), but who can resist a book that opens with: "The woman who straddled Victor Madison had hiccups"?

Publishers Weekly

"FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is a book that travels flawlessly between the storyline and reality...Dietz captivated me with her wickedly raunchy story of Frannie, her psychic experiences and the lurid, cruel and sexually insatiable obsessions of film director Victor Madison. The author has a way to keep you reading with her snappy, well crafted dialogue, witty narrative and a plot so interesting, you will be very shocked at the end...FIFTY CENTS FOR YOU SOUL is not a book for cozy lovers. This is an explosion of sex, religion, demons and dopplegangers all wrapped up in a veritable feast of sharp, black humor that will appeal to the mystery reader with a taste for something with real bite. Highly recommended."

Murder on the Woo Woo Express

"Denise Dietz is a very talented writer who has crafted a combination mystery horror novel that will appeal to fans of both genres. FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL stars a delightfully quirky heroine who doesn't let the fact that she is "possessed" interfere with her main goal of being a famous actress. Readers will adore her because she is so charming and piquant as she stars in a strong story line."

Harriet Klausner

"This was definitely different and I enjoyed it will be considered a gem."

Barbara Douglas, Murder by the Book, Houston

"FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is a fun mixture of mystery, humor and the supernatural, and Frannie Rosen is a delight."

Romantic Times Magazine

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Delphi Books Presents:
An Ingrid Beaumont Mystery
co-starring Hitchcock the Dog

by Denise Dietz
ISBN: 0-9663397-2-X

Cover: Footprints in the Butter

How do you know an elephant's been in your refrigerator?

By the footprints in the butter.

Wylie Jamestone's killer didn't leave footprints...

Or fingerprints.

In her own mind, Ingrid Beaumont is the quintessential amateur sleuth. She enjoys riddles, but has never solved a real mystery in her life. From books to television to movies, Ingrid always guesses wrong.

In his own mind, Hitchcock, is the quintessential well trained pooch, even though he only knows eight commands and responds best to baddog and getdownoffthecouchyousonofabitch.

Hitchcock doesn't know the difference between gum and gun. But Ingrid and her ganglionic mutt must unriddle the death of her childhood friend, world renowned artist, Wylie Jamestone. A note tacked to his latest canvas read: "Give this to Ingrid. Let the treasure hunt begin."

Now, whether she wants to play detective or not, Ingrid has no choice. Now, the killer is after her! Can she survive poison, Texas, and Charlie Bronson's booby-trapped pantyhose?

*A portion of the author's proceeds will be donated to Canine Companions, an organization that trains dogs to help the handicapped.

Read an Excerpt from Footprints in the Butter

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The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association



"Sharp, sassy, chock full of wisecracks, with a protagonist who could rival V.I. Warshawki."

-Affaire de Coeur

"A mystery wrapped with wit and tied with a bow of humor."

-The Word Museum

"An exceptional book by an exceptional talent."

-Painted Rock Reviews

"A wild treasure hunt through the past and present. A read without peer."

-Under The Covers

 "The dialogue is about as close to brilliant as you can get."

-Rex Anderson, author of My Dead Brother

"Quick-moving dialog; revelatory re-creations of past events; the idiosyncrasies of Ingrid's dog, Hitchcock; and recurrent elephant jokes provide ample entertainment."

-Library Journal

"Mystery fans fortunate enough to read THROW DARTS AT A CHEESECAKE and BEAT UP A COOKIE, featuring Ellie Bernstein, diet guru, and Lt. Peter Miller, already know about the incomparable Dietz. This time around we have a new heroine, Ingrid Beaumont, and her canine companion Hitchcock. It's up to them to find out who killed Ingrid's high school chum, artist Wylie Jamestone, who has returned home for his class reunion. Filled with elephant jokes lame enough to tickle the sternest Puritan and with some shockingly sexy love scenes, FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER is not just another romantic mystery. Dietz tackles a couple of important issues within the story, issues that readers might want to address in quieter moments. NOTE: A portion of the profits from the sale of FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER will be donated to Canine Companions, an organization that trains dogs to help the handicapped.."

-Romance Communications

DELPHI BOOKS was established in 1998 with the goal of publishing good stories in a compelling style that would attract a wide audience of readers. Delphi's first offering, ONCE A WARRIOR by Fran Baker, is an epic novel set against the wars that shaped generations of Americans. Publishers Weekly praised it as "an enduring love story" and Romantic Times lauded the book as "a powerful love story told through two generations of U.S. History." FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER is Delphi's second presentation. "Because," said the editor, "I couldn't guess whodunit and it made me laugh out loud."



Cover:  Throw Darts at a Cheesecake

Throw Darts at a Cheesecake

"A bright and funny new heroine, brisk and clever writing, and wonderfully snappy dialogue."
--Mystery Love Company




Beat Up a Cookie

"Bernstein is a wonderful that she's gotten rid of her philandering husband and kept off those extra 55 pounds, she can revel in her job, her earthy affair with Lt. Peter Miller, and her search for the killer."



From Avid Press
A History-Mystery-Romance
by Denise Dietz

Calliope Kelley, the daughter of Sean and Angelique Kelley, is known as the Dream Dancer....her beauty and skill on horseback have become legendary.

Her two passions are her father's circus and Brian O'Connor .... and when a deadly enemy begins sabotaging Sean's circus, Calliope must risk everything -- including her love for Brian -- to save it.

Mass Market Paperback ISBN: 1-929613-63-6
E-mail Attachment ISBN: 1-929613-XX-X
Diskette ISBN: 1-929613-XX-XD


Also From Avid Press
A Historical Romance

Denise Dietz and Mary Ellen Johnson

Having survived the hypocrisy of the American Wars, John Randolph Remington cannot come to terms with the mendacity of 18th-century England. Abandoning his social position, Rand prefers to play highwayman. He robs from the rich and gives to the poor, even though he could be captured and hanged. Yet he's not overly concerned with that inevitable happenstance until he meets Bess, the landlord's black-eyed daughter.

Elizabeth Wyndham, a successful authoress who writes Gothic romances, considers her beauty her most important asset--but only because of society's dictates. Her quick intelligence, which will last far longer than her face and figure, she knows, will ultimately serve her better. Content with spinsterhood, obsessed with one of her book
characters--whom she called "the raven-haired
knight"--Elizabeth finds his proximity in Rand Remington.

Together, they share a series of adventures. Together, they share a cell in Newgate Prison. Elizabeth escapes but Rand is brought to trial. Only a royal pardon can save him. Elizabeth has written an eloquent speech in which Rand begs that his life be spared. Will he say the words that could set him free? Or is his integrity more important than their love?

Mass Market Paperback ISBN: 1-929613-89-X
E-mail Attachment: ISBN: 1-929613-90-3
Diskette: ISBN 1-929613-90-3D



From Avid Press
Avid Press Anthology

Five maps leading to stories of love and adventure....
Five exciting preludes to a collection of romantic odysseys....

Denise Dietz - Dream Angel
with Linda Colwell, Colleen Gleason,
Sally Painter, Kelley Pounds

The moment Sean O'Connor sets his eyes on Angelique, he knows the beautiful tight-rope walker Petit Ange is the love of his life. But friends and family conspire to keep them apart, and Sean sets sail for America to work for P.T. Barnum.

Mass Market Paperback ISBN: 1-929613-92-X
E-mail Attachment: ISBN: 1-929613-93-8
Diskette: ISBN 1-929613-93-8D




Denise Dietz Wiley

Cover: The Rainbow's Foot

Victoria Alexander, author of Play it Again, Sam

"If Barbara Taylor Bradford mated with Larry McMurtry, they'd birth The Rainbow's Foot."
Eileen Albany, actress

The Rainbow's Foot
VOICES  ~  ISBN 0-9655668-1-1

One of the most mesmerizing women to ever grace historical fiction, Fools Gold Smith is the central figure in Denise Dietz Wiley's lusty, authentically detailed Colorado saga. Equally memorable is John Chinook, rodeo star and movie hero a la Tom Mix. Vast in scope, The Rainbow's Foot encompasses the Cripple Creek gold rush, the Ludlow Massacre, and Colorado's silent film industry.

Order The Rainbow's Foot from Barnes &

Read an Excerpt from The Rainbow's Foot

"I love historical novels, romances and family sagas. In The Rainbow's Foot by Denise Dietz Wiley I was treated to all three in one amazing story. Filled with the essences of the setting, blending love, hate, passion, reserve, greed, self-sacrifice, human frailty and strength, The Rainbow's Foot is a tightly written saga of human experience."


"From the Colorado Gold Rush to the union rebellions of Mother Jones, this detailed epic explores a multitude of events and trends, creating a unique experience. The Rainbow's Foot is a work that requires attention from it's reader as it introduces you to a smorgasbord of characters and their evolving lives. There is nothing predictable about Ms. Wiley's work. The reader will find themselves surprised at every turn. Denise Dietz Wiley has created a work of awesome scope and impressive breadth. Fans of epics like The Thornbirds or North and South may want to consider investigating The Rainbow's Foot."

-- AOL Review Board

"Through a brilliantly conceived and exectuted narrative, Flo and Cat's story unfolds, beginning well before their births, and moving inexorably and compellingly toward a conclusion which is as satisfying as any I've ever read. The Rainbow's Foot is bigger than a romance. It deserves a place in the archives of great fiction. Ms. Wiley, as determined and unflagging as her heroines and heroes, will certainly carve herself a place in the halls of the finest writers of the era."

-- Affaire de Coeur - 5 1/2 stars

"I have never read a book quite like THE RAINBOW'S FOOT, never met a heroine quite like Fools Gold, but I am overjoyed that I have read the work, met the heroine. It is an excellent book, but the reader should be warned: "You won't be able to put this down once you've started." Ms. Wiley, I am made humble by your touching portrait of Colorado's wild past, and made humbler still by your talent for story telling."

-- Under The Covers

"From life on cattle ranches, the drawing rooms of the wealthy, and the kitchens of bawdyhouses, Ms. Wiley paints not only the rooms, but also intimate portraits of the husbands, wives, mistresses, sons and daughters that walked their space. Fools Gold Smith belies her name, there is very little that is a fool about her. She knows what she wants, and goes after it with a plan in mind. Cat McDonald is every woman’s dream of a man, a hard riding, courageous and unusually talented cowboy. He is equally at ease on the back of a horse as he is in a woman’s bedroom. From prostitute, pauper, and prospector to patriarch, the characters of this story are very much alive."

-- Romance Communications

"A wonderful read, with perfectly loveable, completely real characters who enchanted me. I loved the look into Colorado history. What fascinating times."

-- Patricia Rowe - Author of Children of the Dawn

The Rainbow's Foot can be purchased at Barnes &


For information on Denise's editing service:
Stray Cat Productions

About the Author

Denise Dietz: Photo

When Deni was in the third grade, she wrote her first story, THE PENCIL WHO GREW UP TO BE A STUB. Although the assignment was to write a one-page story, using an ink pen, Deni wrote a five-page story, first-person...and she used a pencil.

Years later, after Deni had enjoyed a short-lived singing career, a teaching stint at Flushing High School (NY), and a career as an extra for Paramount, she played a combination Brenda Starr-Bob Woodward for a Texas newspaper. Having re-developed her love for writing, Deni sat a her typewriter, flexed her fingers, and pounded out the first book in her first mystery series, THROW DARTS AT A CHEESECAKE - inspired by her part-time job as a Weight Watchers lecturer. In the Walker (then Worldwide) mystery novel, diet club members are getting killed off at goal weight and eating as if their very lives depended on it. The second book in the series, BEAT UP A COOKIE, revolves around a group of M*A*S*H* addicts and is deciated to Alan Alda.

Switching to a computer, Deni wrote "the book of her heart", a generational saga that encompasses the Cripple Creek gold rush, the Ludlow Massacre, and Colorado's silent film industry. Published by a regional press, THE RAINBOW'S FOOT is being scripted for a TV mini-series.

Deni hit the bestseller list with the first in her second series, FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER, an Ingrid Beaumont Mystery co-starring Hitchcock the Dog. A percentage of the profits from that book have been donated to Canine Companions, an organization that trains dogs to help the handicapped.

The author of several historical romances, including DREAM ANGEL, DREAM DANCE, and A HIGHWAYMAN COMES RIDING, Deni is looking forward to her first "culinary mystery story" - YES, WE HAVE NO BANANAS - which will be published in the Jeffrey Marks' edited anthology, "Criminal Appetites" (Silver Dagger). The story will include a secret recipe for banana cream pie.

Married to fellow author Gordon Aalborg, whom she met online through a writers loop, Deni, with Gordon, wrote a romantic suspense, POETRY IN eMOTION, and moved to Sidney, BC.


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